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Squeezing spots and being naked at home: Brits' top winter pick-me-ups revealed

It seems Brits are appreciative of the little things in life, revealing their top pick-me-ups to get them through the winter months.

These include putting on fresh bed sheets, eating the last bit of chocolate in the cupboard and dancing in the kitchen, a survey of 2,000 adults shows.

A third enjoy having a big clear out, singing loudly to music and looking through old photos, making the top three in a list of 40 ways respondents expressed they cheered themselves up.

A further 23% spend time thinking about what they'd spend a lottery win on, while watching a nostalgic childhood film and baking are also popular ways to raise spirits in colder and more dreary months.

Surprisingly, cleaning the cat flap, picking toenails, squeezing spots, and walking around the house naked also made it to the list, making it evident the 84% of adults who expressed they feel it's often the smaller things in life that can make them the happiest weren't lying.

The average adult looks for something to pick themselves up as often as three times a day, with four in 10 having fewer social plans than usual to look forward to in winter.

A spokesperson from, who commissioned the research, said: “It’s clearly not uncommon to feel less motivated in the early months of the year.

“The aftermath of the excitement of Christmas can be slow, especially as work tends to die down and there are fewer social events to look forward to."

The survey, conducted via One Poll, found 42% feel they rely on pick-me-ups most to counteract this lull, with almost six in 10 feeling more down and glum at this time of year.

Some 76% also admit the darker mornings and evenings in the winter make them less likely to want to leave the house, with 37% feeling less fit in the early months of the year.

Other ways Brits are combating this drop in mood are cleaning out a messy drawer or cupboard, writing a to-do list, baking and retail therapy, within the top 10.

They're also tending to plants, watching funny YouTube videos, mowing the lawn, vacuuming, tidying jars, spices and condiments so they're all facing the right way, moisturising hands with a scented hand cream, taking the rubbish out for recycling and taking to neighbours over the garden fence, within the top 20.

More inventive methods in the top 40 include wearing bright coloured clothing, deliberately winding up your partner, playing pranks on people and shockingly – eating dessert before the main course.

Source: Hannah Millington, Yahoo Life UK Reporter


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