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Full Dispensing Service (ES1)

Patient Records Recorded on Computer

Disposal of Unwanted Medicines (ES3)

Public Health Promotions (ES4)

Lifestyle Advice

Provide information of other services (ES5)

Provide Advice and Support for Self Care (ES6)

Inhaler Technique Monitoring and Advice

Support for People with Disabilities

Complaints Procedure

Medicines Use Review

Prescription Intervention

Care at the Chemist (minor ailments)

Methadone dispensing for Drug dependents

Observed Consumption

Emergency Hormonal Contraception for Sale

Out of Hours Services

Gluten Free Food supplies

Prescription Collection Service

Prescription Delivery Service

Community Packs (Dosette etc)

Disability Aids

Specialist Dietary Advice

Alternative Therapies

Nutrition advice (Vitamins & Food Supplements)

Herbal Remedies

Dental Care

Travel Health (advice and supply)

Immunisations advice (and administration)

Advice on childhood diseases

Private Prescriptions

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