Singing 'no riskier than talking' for virus spread

Singing does not produce substantially more respiratory particles than speaking at a similar volume, a study suggests. But it all depends on how loud a person is, according to the initial findings which are yet to be peer reviewed. The project, called Perform, looked at the amount of aerosols and droplets generated by performers. The findings could have implications for live indoor performances, which resumed in England this week. They are currently only allowed to take place under strict social distancing guidelines. Aerosols are tiny particles which are exhaled from the body and float in the air. There is emerging evidence that coronavirus can be spread through these particles, as well in

More coronavirus-vaccine volunteers needed

More than 100,000 people have signed up to take part in future NHS trials of a coronavirus vaccine - but more volunteers are needed, researchers say. They want as many people as possible to enrol, to speed up their efforts to find a safe and effective jab. And they are particularly looking for more volunteers from the "high-priority groups" disproportionately affected by the virus - those belonging to ethnic minorities or aged over 65. Volunteers can register online. Kate Bingham, who chairs the UK's vaccine taskforce, said: "These trials are safe, please sign up. "The quicker we get the clinical trials enrolled, vaccinated and get the results, the quicker we can get a vaccine." A number of

Breast screening women in their 40s 'could save lives'

Screening women for breast cancer from their 40s rather than their 50s could save lives without adding to the diagnosis of harmless cancers, a UK study has found. The research was based on 160,000 women from England, Scotland and Wales, followed up for around 23 years. Lowering the screening age could save one life per 1,000 women checked, the scientists say. But experts caution there are many other considerations, including cost. Cancer Research UK says it is still "not clear if reducing the breast screening age would give any additional benefit compared to the UK's existing screening programme". The charity says the priority should be getting cancer services "back on track" for women aged

Cosmetic surgery booms 'after self-conscious workers stare at themselves on Zoom'

Cosmetic surgery is said to be booming as the UK gradually eases out of lockdown. A medic specialising in reconstructive procedures claims he has “never been busier”, with “three months’ worth of work in July alone”. While non-essential surgeries were postponed at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, Dr Naveen Cavale believes many at-home workers have become self-conscious of their appearance while “staring at themselves on Zoom”. With Britons still being urged to “stay alert”, a quieter social life may also enable patients to heal discretely, while face masks cover any bruising or swelling, he added. Rhinoplasties ‘doubling every month’ NHS England suspended all non-urgent surgery for th

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