Minority take up 'life-saving' free health check

Fewer than half of people eligible for a NHS health check in England have taken up the offer, despite it being free to everyone over 40. The routine check can pick up heart problems early and help to prevent dementia, plus highlight the need to stop smoking, NHS England said. The check-up takes 20 minutes and is carried out by a GP or nurse. It involves tests on blood pressure, weight and height, and is offered every five years up to the age of 74. Around 7.15 million people have had a free health check since 2013, yet 15 million are eligible, NHS stats show. NHS England said identifying people with an irregular heartbeat or high blood pressure and giving them treatment would help to prevent

The simple tips to improve your health

If you are contemplating a new year's health kick, you could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. Do yoga, run, lift weights, cut the carbs, or the fat (depending on the particular diet that's in vogue), ditch the booze, reduce your stress. It is easy to feel like your life needs to be overhauled in order to be a healthy, happy human being. But what if you were to make only one change? We asked experts what single thing they would recommend people should do to improve their health, assuming they are an adult who is otherwise healthy and not a smoker. Focus on the mind It is easy to only think about our physical health. But according to Dr Nadine Sammy, associate lecturer for sport a

Why are more boys than girls born every single year?

Every year, there are always more baby boys than girls born in England and Wales. Fact. Why? Since records began in 1838, the cries of babies born every year have been predominately male. In not one year, stretching back to the start of Queen Victoria's reign, have girls outnumbered boys at birth. In 2017, in England and Wales, for example, there were 348,071 live male births and 331,035 live female births - a difference of roughly 17,000. And that higher tally of males compared to females born each year is a pattern that has repeated itself for nearly 180 years. In fact, a ratio of roughly 105 male births for every 100 female ones is generally seen as natural and normal. It is fairly consis

Banning sweets at supermarket checkouts 'works'

Banning sweets, chocolate and crisps at supermarket checkouts appears to stop unhealthy impulse buying by shoppers, a large UK study suggests. Researchers used data from 30,000 households to look at the year before and after bans were introduced by six out of nine major supermarkets. Purchases fell immediately after the bans and the reduction continued while the policies were in place. Ministers will soon consult on making it a mandatory ban in England. The nine supermarkets included in the study, which is published in PLOS Medicine, were Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Lidl, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. Shoppers at the ones that removed sweets and crisps from checkouts bought almost

Teething gels to be taken off supermarket shelves

Teething gels for infants that contain an anaesthetic will no longer be sold in supermarkets and high street shops. Those containing lidocaine - used in many of the gels - will only be sold in pharmacies from 2019. It follows a review by the medicines regulator that found they were linked with a "very small" risk of harm and there is little evidence they work. Parents have been advised to massage the gums or use a teething ring before trying the gels. 'Normal process' The guidance comes from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which said instructions about using the gels and safety warnings for them should also be updated. It said gels containing lidocaine should

Push for more take-up of flu vaccine before Christmas

Public Health England (PHE) is urging pregnant women and those over 65 to get the flu jab, after a fall in take-up compared to this time last year. PHE said it was best to get the jab ahead of Christmas, before flu typically starts to circulate. Social gatherings can increase the risk of it spreading. Early indications suggest the vaccine will be more effective this year because it is well-matched to the predominant strain circulating. This is thought to be Influenza A (H1N1), commonly called swine flu. Uptake of the vaccine among pregnant women and those over 65, who are at a higher risk of flu complications, is lower than last year. Festive spread risk Paul Cosford, medical director at PHE

One in three children 'not active enough', finds sport survey

One in three children in England does fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a day - half the amount recommended by government guidelines, a report by Sport England suggests. Girls are less likely to be as active as boys, with 13 to 16-year-olds the least active age group. The online survey of 130,000 five to 16-year-olds found children from poorer families did least exercise. Sports Minister Mims Davies said the figures were "simply unacceptable". "We know that an active child is a happier child and efforts must be stepped up to encourage young people to live healthy, active lives," she said. Guidelines from the chief medical officer say that children and young people should take part i

Mental health checks for new fathers

Partners of new and expectant mothers who have depression or anxiety will be offered a mental health check in an initiative being launched by NHS England. The plan is to offer more support to couples experiencing conditions such as postnatal depression. About one in 10 men experiences mental illness in the first six months after the birth of a baby. Mental ill health affects about one in five women during or after pregnancy. Partners of women who are seriously ill will be offered a range of programmes including peer-support, behavioural couples therapy sessions and other family and parenting interventions in specialist community perinatal mental health settings. Simon Stevens, chief executiv

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