Mum's voice makes better smoke alarm for children

Adding a recording of a mother's voice to smoke alarms could save lives, according to US scientists. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found the modified alarms were more effective at waking children than conventional alarms. And they had the potential to buy vital seconds to escape a burning building. Fire chiefs welcomed the research, but said families should not worry about the alarms currently in their homes. The research team at the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio said children were "remarkably resistant" to being woken up by sounds because they have longer and deeper sleep than adults. The study compared a traditional high-pitch smoke alarm with voice-based ones. T

Crackdown on painkillers amid addiction fears

Two painkillers are to be reclassified as class C controlled substances amid concerns people are becoming addicted to them and misusing them. The drugs - pregabalin and gabapentin - are also used for epilepsy and anxiety. The move, announced by the Home Office, means it will now be illegal to posses the drugs without a prescription and it will be illegal to supply or sell them to others. The government acted after experts said tighter controls were needed. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs raised concerns about the drugs - amid reports of a rising number of fatalities being linked to the drug. The law change will still mean the drugs are available for legitimate use on prescription

What works for treating children's colds?

Children get six to eight colds a year - twice as many as adults - but there's little evidence on what helps improve symptoms like blocked or runny noses and sneezing. So are there remedies worth trying? Pharmacies and supermarkets are full of cough and cold medicines which claim to relieve symptoms of the common cold. But there is little evidence that many of them work, according to a BMJ review of trials on over-the-counter treatments. And some, like decongestants, are not suitable for babies, children or pregnant women. The common cold can cause a sore throat, cough, congestion, a raised temperature and sneezing - all irritating symptoms - but after a week or so they should go away on the

World Mental Health Day: PM appoints suicide prevention minister

A minister for suicide prevention has been appointed in England by the prime minister as the government hosts the first ever global mental health summit. Theresa May said the appointment of Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price to the new role will help tackle the stigma surrounding suicide. While suicide rates are falling, 4,500 people take their own lives every year. The appointment comes as ministers and officials from more than 50 countries assemble in London for the summit. Wednesday's meeting - hosted by Health Secretary Matt Hancock and attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - coincides with World Mental Health Day. The government has also promised more support in schools, bringin

Second Brit dies after 'Brazilian butt lift' surgery

Getty Images A second British woman has died from "Brazilian butt lift" surgery, the BBC has learned, as fresh warnings come over the risks. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) said it was the most dangerous cosmetic procedure to undergo. The surgery has been made popular by celebrities. But many people are putting themselves at risk by seeking cheaper procedures abroad, Baaps warned. 'One death in 3,000' A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure in which fat is taken from one part of the body and then injected into the buttocks. Baaps told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme an estimated one in 3,000 die worldwide as a result of complications. In Augu

Cannabis 'more harmful than alcohol' for teen brains

Teenagers using cannabis are causing long-lasting damage to their developing brains, a Canadian study suggests. It found the impact on thinking skills, memory and behaviour was worse than that of teenage drinking. The researchers, from the University of Montreal, urged teenagers to delay their use of cannabis for as long as they felt able. The study tracked and tested 3,800 adolescents over four years, starting from around the age of 13. Drinking alcohol and taking drugs, such as cannabis, at a young age is known to cause problems with cognitive abilities such as learning, attention and decision-making as well as academic performance at school. This study found these problems increased as ca

Digital pregnancy tests recalled over inaccurate results

Women are being advised to check their pregnancy tests after some Clear & Simple devices gave inaccurate positive results. Manufacturer Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech is recalling more than 58,000 digital pregnancy tests that have been distributed in the UK. Women are advised to return the test devices to their pharmacy and use another testing method. The specific lot number of the affected tests is on and inside the packaging. Description - Clear and Simple Digital Pregnancy Test Catalogue Number - DM-102 Lot Number - DM10220170710E Expiry Date - January 2020 Dr Duncan McPherson, clinical director of medical devices at the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, said: "Patient s

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