The biggest killer you may not know

"I flat-lined seven times, it was very uncertain for a long time whether I would make it," says Patrick Kane. He nearly died from a condition that kills more people in the UK each year than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. Patrick was just nine months old when one morning he became poorly, floppy and "generally unresponsive". The family GP said he just needed Calpol, but Patrick's mother was still concerned and took him to hospital. But on the journey things got rapidly worse. "It really was a sudden thing... upon arrival I had multiple organ failure," he says. Patrick spent three and a half months in St Mary's hospital in London, lost his right leg below the knee, his left arm an

How I overcame fat-shaming

The idea of stepping into a gym used to make Jenniefer Gadsby, from Leeds, petrified. Exercising when you are overweight can be daunting, and the fat-shaming attitudes of others do not help. New research out this week shows people who feel discriminated against because of their weight are far less likely to exercise. Jenniefer, aged 32, says she faced criticism about her weight. It knocked her confidence so much that it put her off going to the gym. "I would've rather done karaoke naked than set foot in a gym," she says. "I was petrified. I was convinced that I would feel like the fat girl at the back of the class not knowing what I was doing and that I would get laughed out of there. "What

Kit Kat sugar content to be cut by 10%, says Nestle

Chocolate bars including famous brands such as Kit Kat, Yorkie and Aero will contain 10% less sugar by next year, manufacturer Nestle has announced. The sugar will be replaced with higher quantities of existing ingredients or other, non-artificial ingredients, and the amount of calories will be limited. It means about 7,500 tonnes less sugar will be used to make the confectioner's products by 2018. Nestle said it could help to have a significant impact on public health. 'Better choices' Fiona Kendrick, chairman and CEO of Nestle UK and Ireland, said: "Our confectionery brands have been enjoyed in the UK for more than a century and we know that if we can improve these products nutritionally,

Early warning signs of heart attacks 'being missed'

Early warning signs may have been missed in up to one in six people who died of a heart attack in English hospitals, a study suggests. All heart attack admissions and deaths between 2006 and 2010 were analysed. Imperial College London researchers found 16% of those who died had been admitted to hospital in the previous 28 days. Some had warning signs like chest pain. The British Heart Foundation has called the research "concerning". The study authors from the School of Public Health at Imperial College say more research is "urgently needed". I'm a nurse and I didn't realise Alison Fillingham, 49, was at work when she felt a deep ache in her neck and collarbone. She continued her rounds as a

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