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Shower dodgers and infrequent flushers: UK's dirty bathroom secrets revealed

There are few daily delights as lovely as the feeling of stepping out onto the bathroom tiles and wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel after a refreshing shower.

But it seems many people in the UK don't share our opinion – with half of those polled revealing in a survey that they don't wash every day.

What's more, they have surprising starry company, with celebrities including Jake Gyllenhaal, Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell also admitting to not bathing regularly.

Apparently taking full advantage of more than a year of home working and social distancing, just over a quarter of people only shower every other day, according to a survey by PlumbNation.

The findings also showed that 6.7% of people take a weekly shower. But, more horrifyingly, a sizeable 4.6% claimed that they didn't shower at all, with 2% explaining they resort to wet wipes to stay fresh.

The NHS suggests that people need to have a bath or shower at least twice a week

However, they do encourage people to wash their face, genitals and bottom on a daily basis.

As well as questionable personal preferences when it comes to showering routines, the survey also revealed some of the nation's other bathroom secrets.

The researchers discovered that 30% of people don't always wash their hands after using the toilet.

Additionally, a sizeable 71% save precious time in the mornings by urinating in the shower.

However, when people do use the loo, 90% of people thankfully always flush the toilet – although that means 10% bizarrely don't.

Less impressive is the fact that an incredible 39% will happily leave skid marks.

Finally, in news that's rather impressive, 58% claim they've mastered the slippy acrobatics required to successfully have sex in the shower.

By Lauren Clark, Yahoo! life



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