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Prescription Charges

Currently (From 1st May 2024): £9.90 per item


Prepayment Certificate costs

Currently (From 1st May 2024):

£114.50 for a full year (11.6 charges)

or £32.05 for 3 months (3.2 charges)


Prepayment certificates:

·     If you have to pay for your prescriptions, it is usually cheaper to buy a prepayment certificate for either 3 months or one year.

·     If you only need to collect one item a month and you are given 28 day prescriptions you will need 13 prescriptions for a year (currently £128.70), so it will cost you less to buy the prepayment certificate.

·     If you pick up 2 items monthly you would currently pay £257.40 in the year. So if you buy a prepayment certificate you would currently save £142.90 and also you will get any extra prescriptions such as antibiotics free.


To buy a Prescription Prepayment Certificate go to:

You can get help with your claim by ringing 0300 330 1341



· Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland No longer charge for prescriptions


· Multiple Charges for some items - See below. These are examples of items which carry more than one charge. For many of these you will still only be charged one current charge. Check with your pharmacy.

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